Better Together

We believe that Sound & Vision are ‘Better Together’.

By combining world-class audio, colour and vfx into one workflow, we are able to give our clients higher quality work, faster, with reduced risk and a cost benefit.

At No.8, we strive to create the world’s most celebrated, modern and effective campaigns in an environment that is as personal and enjoyable, as it is inspiring. 

Our proud production partners include:  

Creative Advantage:

‘Better Together’ unlocks a new synergy between audio and VFX and opens new creative opportunities. Our transformative approach moves audio earlier in the creative process and has been pivotal to the success of our clients’ award-winning films.

Time Back:

Our clients don’t waste their time and energies co-ordinating different facilities, liaising between different producers, and transferring files and updates. They are freed-up to focus on the big stuff – the creative and their stakeholders. 95% of our clients are repeat business.  

Cost Optimisation:

Our approach makes every pound count. We centralise overheads and negotiations to ensure the financials work harder for our clients. This means we can say yes to more. We can keep the original idea intact, without compromising quality.

Risk Mitigation:

Our clients have one point of contact for all their requests. Consolidating communication through this one person eliminates costly miscommunication and errors.